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The Best Way to Mount a Starlink Satellite Dish to Your Metal Roof Blog Feature

The Best Way to Mount a Starlink Satellite Dish to Your Metal Roof

Posted by Rob Haddock on Apr 11, 2023 4:15:30 PM

The Starlink satellite dish provides high-speed internet connection for rural areas, making it extremely popular among both residential and commercial customers. Installing Starlink is an easy do-it-yourself job, but the kits provided do not include mounting hardware. You’ll need to purchase hardware separately that will not harm your metal roof or jeopardize its weather integrity. 

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Why Should I Install Snow Stops on My Exposed-Fastened Metal Roof? Blog Feature

Why Should I Install Snow Stops on My Exposed-Fastened Metal Roof?

Posted by Rob Haddock on Nov 12, 2021 8:23:43 AM

In September, we asked for your questions on exposed-fastened (EF) roofing. Thank you for your responses! We collected them and thought we’d answer one of your questions today. A reader asked us why it made sense to install snow stops on an EF metal roof. If your building is in a snowy climate, installing a continuous snow fence, or discontinuous snow stops or snow guards is essential. For your system to be effective, however, the installation must be well-designed and by calculation – not by “guess and by golly.” There are common misconceptions around snow and metal roofing. So, today we’ll cover why a qualified snow retention system properly engineered for your specific installation is important to EF roofing in heavy-snow regions.


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Tags: snow guards, plastic snow guards, metal roof brackets, exposed fastened, cost, installation, weather-proofing

What is a “Factor of Safety” for Snow Guards?

Posted by Rob Haddock on Jun 7, 2018 8:00:00 AM

Recently, we had a contractor using our on-line snow retention calculator ask this question.  He had done a number of planning calculations to customize applications of our ColorGard® system for a particular project, and noticed the field for “Safety Factor” on our load information table and also the calculator. What is this?  And what does it do? He wanted to know.

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What is the Best Way to Mount Solar on Exposed-Fastener Metal Roofs?

Posted by Rob Haddock on Mar 8, 2018 1:48:02 PM

Upon reading the Solar Power World article Metal Roofs are No Problem for Solar Installations, my reaction was, "Well, I suppose that is true—if (and only if) it is done 'the right way.'" There are so many materials, profiles, gauges, metallurgies and corrosion behaviors to consider; not to mention effective waterproofing methods, sealant chemistries, thermal cycling characteristics, weathering behaviors, strength of materials, structural engineering principals and relevant test methods. It is anything but a simple science! 

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