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Roof Clamps Comparison: Did You Know the S-5-V & S-5-H90 Clamps are Less Expensive than the S-5-U Clamp?

Posted by David Stahler on Aug 17, 2018 2:38:58 PM
David Stahler
Well, you’re a loyal S-5! user and as most prudent consumers, contractors, or installers; you are looking to save money without sacrificing quality, tested performance, and ease of installation. Today, we will address questions related to the use of the S-5-V or S-5-V Mini and S-5-H90 or S-5-H90 Mini over the use of the S-5-U or S-5-U Mini clamps.

The S-5-U and S-5-U Mini clamp are versatile clamps. This clamp is designed to fit vertically-oriented seams and many of the (larger) horizontally-oriented seams. Because of this versatility there is more labor, tooling and machining involved in the manufacture of the clamp. The S-5-U clamp is machined for an M8 bolt on both the top and the side of the clamp. And there are setscrew holes on both sides. So, while the clamp fits more metal roof profiles, it also costs more to produce. 

Did you know that the “U” stands for “Universal”?


3 Trap Double Foldmetalroof 3 Trap Snap Seammetalroof

 Trapezoidal Vertical Double-Folded 

11/2 Double fold metal roof seam

 Vertical Double-Folded 

2 Single Fold

 Horizontal Single-Fold


Why does the S-5-V or S-5-V Mini clamp cost less?

The S-5-V is a vertical seam profile clamp (it will not work on horizontal seam profiles). This clamp is designed to fit double-folded or trapezoidal snap lock (vertical) standing seams. The clamp has fewer M8 bolt and set screw holes so it costs less to produce. The S-5-V (Standard and Mini) clamps are 20-30% less expensive than the S-5-U then their counterparts. When you are certain of your seam profile and its orientation you can often save significant money by using the S-5-V clamps. Why pay for versatility that you may not need?

S-5-V Dim-Recovered-1


What profiles will the S-5-V and V Mini clamp fit?

Did you know that the “V” stands for “Vertical”?

It will fit all the same vertically-oriented seams that the S-5-U clamp will fit. The S-5-V clamp has a very similar body to the S-5-U, and the same quality materials, workmanship, and performance, but at lower cost.


S-5-U and Mini seam profiles

S-5 U Seam Profiles

 S-5-V and Mini seam profiles    

 S-5 U Seam Profiles

What about performance and installation?

As with all S-5! products the S-5-V and S-5-V Mini are tested to the same rigorous standards as all S-5! clamps. Profiles that either the S-5-U and S-5-V clamps fit, the S-5-V will perform identically from a load-testing perspective, both normal and parallel to the seam. There are a few advantages (other than lower cost) to using the S-5-V and S-5-V Mini over the S-5-U and S-5-U Mini respectively.

  1. The S-5-V has a slightly wider throat than the S-5-U and will fit some profiles better. This is because the S-5-V and S-5-V Mini have a lip on only one side of the clamp while the S-5-U has it on both sides.
  2. The S-5-V utilizes a dimple on the opposing side of the setscrew. This dimple interfaces with the metal roof seam more effectively than the thru hole that the S-5-U utilizes.               




What if the roof seam is a large, horizontal, single-fold?

Like the S-5-V, the S-5-H90 is profile-specific. H90 stands for “Horizontal 90 degree”. It fits the identical horizontal seam profiles that the S-5-U and S-5-U Mini fit-- like single-folds with a horizontal leg of .65” or longer. (For smaller horizontal dimensions find the S-5-S on our website.)  Due to fewer holes, it also costs less to produce and therefore is a more economical choice. The S-5-H90 (Standard and Mini) also provide the identical holding strength as the S-5-U counter parts in the horizontal seam orientation.

Load Test Table

The best clamp might also be the cheapest!

There are often alternative product choices to accomplish the same job but at lower cost providing the same performance and testing.  

We know it can be confusing to determine which clamp to use on what seam profile. Whether you are installing snow guards, solar panels, any number of utility solutions or wind attachment clamps, S-5! has the right clamp or bracket. S-5! has created two website tools and a help-line to make the process simple.  

  1. Our Load Test Tables showing all the roof profiles S-5! has tested (there are more than 500 of them) and which specific clamps have been tested on those profiles. Please view on our test tables.
  2. The Clamp-to-Seam Tool to help guide you through the process.
  3. When all else fails, we offer a tech support team that can help also.


For more info please see:



S-5! attachment products are backed by years of rigorous testing and documentation to provide clients with the most accurate and informative options for all metal roof attachment projects. Our Clamp-to-Seam Matching Tool searches through all of our known test data, providing the most up-to-date and definitive answers on selecting the optimal attachment solution. At S-5! we are always about saving our customers money without compromising quality. You never have both vertical and horizontal seams on the same project! Making the best choice can actually save $$. Do it The Right Way™

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