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Northern Ontario Winters are No Match for S-5!® ColorGard®

Posted by Kimberly Reichert on Jul 18, 2019 11:51:40 AM

This S-5! story came from Guido Morandin of Work Monster, Inc. in Canada. The Work Monster project features S-5! VersaBracket™ and ColorGard®. 

According to Mr. Morandin, massive sheet metal snow guard failure is common in Northern Ontario. After tiring of “supplying customers with improper ice guard systems,” he discovered S-5!®

Wet Snow - Definitely a Match for Ice Rakes

Just this year, Morandin and his team “witnessed a massive ice retention collapse, where these devices would literally fold under the wet snow on the roof”. Below is an example sent in by Morandin. It illustrates the dramatic results from bending sheet metal snow stops. 

With S-5! Snow Retention System and With Conventional Ice Rakes in Northern Ontario-min

The conventional ice rakes (sheet metal snow stops) used in the area often bend, fold and collapse. 

The Calm After the Storm

Morandin said, “None of our S-5 failed, especially with the [SnoClips], they held all day long, night after night, and let the snow dissipate underneath them”.

Read more about Work Monster's project here

ColorGard® snow guards were supplied by Sky Products.




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