Visit S-5! at IRE

Posted by Kimberly Reichert on Feb 11, 2019 11:57:08 AM

It’s time! IRE – the International Roofing Expo has started in Nashville, TN. It officially runs February 11-13 in Music City Center. The exhibit hall in the Center is located in downtown Nashville – incredible roofing products and within walking distance to restaurants and local music venues. What could be better?

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Word of the Week: What is PV Photovoltaic Solar Technology?

Posted by Kimberly Reichert on Jan 23, 2019 10:22:15 AM

Photovoltaics (PV) is the process of converting light into electricity. PV technology converts sunlight (otherwise known as solar radiation) into direct current electricity. This process uses semiconductors, (the most common semiconductor material being crystalline silicon), so when the sun hits the PV, the electrons are released and form an electric current.  Photovoltaic technology is commonly attached to a panel; and these solar panels are connected to one another and mounted onto a frame. This PV assembly is called a module and you can wire these modules together into an array. Rays of sunlight (photons) are absorbed by the solar panels. This power then gets converted into Alternating Current (AC) to be used in the house - or sold back to the centralized city grid.

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Solar and Exposed Fastener Metal Roofs - 2019 Best Practices

Posted by Rob Haddock on Mar 8, 2018 1:48:02 PM

Upon reading the Solar Power World article Metal Roofs are No Problem for Solar Installations, my reaction was, "Well, I suppose that is true—if (and only if) it is done 'the right way.'" There are so many materials, profiles, gauges, metallurgies and corrosion behaviors to consider; not to mention effective waterproofing methods, sealant chemistries, thermal cycling characteristics, weathering behaviors, strength of materials, structural engineering principals and relevant test methods. It is anything but a simple science! 

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