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The Fastest Mounting of MLPEs to Modules

The Fastest Mounting of MLPEs to Modules Blog Feature
Posted by Ali Turner on Feb 23, 2024 9:50:56 AM

New S-5! Universal Mounting Solution Saves Time and Money for Roof and Ground Mounts


Now, module-level power electronics (MLPEs) like AC microinverters, DC power optimizers and rapid shutdown devices that individually optimize the energy output can be mounted in under 10 seconds!


Maximize Your Solar Potential: A Guide to MLPEs on Metal Roofs!


S-5! has recently introduced its MLPE Mount, a universal solution that secures and electrically bonds MLPEs directly to module frames. Designed for microinverters and optimizers under 3 lbs., the MLPE Mount is the quickest, most cost-effective and versatile component that provides the seamless attachment of MLPEs to module frames. Additionally, the MLPE Mount electrically bonds the balance of system components together to easily comply with grounding/earthing requirements.

MLPE Mount attached to solar module frame

MLPE Mount


When the holes in a solar PV module are not located in an advantageous position for wire management, installers can end up stretching and damaging wires. The MLPE Mount affords contractors design flexibility and allows them to place the products where convenient from a wire management perspective.  


Go Rail-Less With MLPEs

Traditionally, most residential projects are mounted on rails, but contractors, EPCs and homeowners are realizing the overwhelming benefits of switching to rail-less installations. By utilizing a rail-less installation while attaching an MLPE Mount to the frame, installers have freedom to choose where they want their modules on a roof. Conversely, when rails are used, installers are often forced to locate modules only where rails can be placed.


Shed Weight and Save Money With Rail-Less Solar Mounting!


The absence of rails also contributes to a cleaner aesthetic by eliminating unsightly wires and other visible solar PV components. Plus, eliminating rails from a solar installation equates to reduced shipping, labor and hardgoods costs. While aggregated hardware costs for a whole system may be only 5-7% of the finished cost, they greatly affect labor, freight and equipment costs in the end. Decrease the time spent on a job, which ultimately results in higher net profits, by choosing a rail-less solar mounting solution.


Simplify Your Installation: Pair With the PVKIT

The S-5! PVKIT® offers a direct-attach solution for hassle-free installation by going rail-less on metal roofs. Featuring just three components and designed for durability and efficiency, the PVKIT rail-less solar mounting solution eliminates many of the costs associated with shipping, storing and installing rail-based solar installations. Ideal for standing seam and exposed-fastened metal roofs, the PVKIT reduces the weight of the mounting system by 85%, provides 25% better load distribution and uses 70% fewer components when compared to a rail-based system.


Rail-Based vs. Rail-Less


When you attach the metal plate of the MLPE, the MLPE Mount creates an electrical bond between the plate and the module frame. The module frames are electrically bonded together via the PVKIT, which continues to ground/earth. With the PVKIT and MLPE Mount together, S-5! offers installers the balance of systems components required for a completely bonded solar PV system. 

MLPE Mount and PVKIT attached to solar module frame

MLPE Mount and PVKIT


Ideas To Hold Onto

MLPEs are a key component of a solar PV array, and their use contributes to a more reliable, efficient solar energy system. Save time, money and hassle by utilizing an innovative, universal solution with the S-5! MLPE Mount and set your renewable energy system up for success right from the start. 


Learn More

To learn more about wire management, rail-less solar mounting and a variety of other metal roofing topics, visit our Metal Roofing Resource Center. To become an expert in all S-5! products and applications, enroll in S-5-University and learn from our metal roof experts.

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