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How Can You Reduce the Risk of a Rooftop Avalanche?

Posted by Kimberly Reichert on Oct 26, 2018 10:30:18 AM

When a snow avalanche falls off of a rooftop, it can damage anything in its path! This sudden release of snow can be dramatic—dumping tons of snow in mere seconds. Falling snow forms a temperature-sensitive bond to the surface of a metal roof. Then, when that roof is warmed, whether from the sun or from building heat loss, the bond between the snow bank and roof is broken and a thin film of melt water serves to lubricate the slide.

A several-ton blanket of snow suddenly sliding off the roof can have dramatic results on anything in its path—gutters, the roof itself, landscape, vehicles and even people. Once it is piled up down below, that same snow bank can continue to cause additional troubles (e.g. repeated snow removal; direct damage to building walls; indirect damage caused by funneling melt water into, rather than away from the walls and foundations, etc.).

The Reason for Roof Snow Guards

This is what makes snow retention devices desirable: They keep snow in its place allowing it to leave the roof slowly, either in small amounts, evaporation or as melt water, avoiding the potential calamity of the avalanche.

Learn more about the three methods available for mounting snow retention systems to metal roofs with our new SlideShare. Click here or on the link at the end of the SlideShare to read the entire blog. 


S 5! - Best Way to Mount Snow Retention to a Metal Roof from Metal Roof Innovations



Choosing the Right Snow Retention System 

A quality snow retention system will help preserve your roof and allow snow drifts and snow melt to exit the roof in a more controlled manner. Learn more about installing snow guard systems with mechanical attachment via clamp mounting or structural attachment and weather proofing at


Need More Convincing?

Don’t just believe what we say because we say it! The MCA (Metal Construction Association) technical documents are the greatest aid available for snow guard selection criteria. Document downloads are free. Visit MCA (then click on “Metal Roofs”) for more information. If you appreciate the need for snow guards, this comprehensive technical bulletin is invaluable for evaluating snow guards and systems for proper performance and durability for the life of the roof.


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