Why is the all new PV Kit 2.0 The Right Way™?

Posted by Nik Holley on Aug 3, 2018 10:52:05 AM
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As the industry leader in metal roof attachments and moreover, the attachment of solar PV modules to metal roofs, S-5! understands the importance of providing the best customer experience from a product and customer relation standpoint. From the invention of the first non-penetrating standing seam clamp to the first direct attach PV method, S-5! has led this industry category for over 25 years.

Why did we redesign our PV Kit?

The first direct attach PV Kit was released almost a decade ago, disrupting the industry and providing a simple, cost-effective way to mount solar to both standing seam and exposed fastener metal roofing without using rails. This innovation drastically reduced the material needed to install solar. When you think about it, with a metal roof, the standing seam or the ribs of the roof are your rails.   

Once the PV Kit began to mature in the marketplace, S-5! was able to gather as much data as possible about the customer experience, of both distributors, system designers, and PV system integrators. Extensive time was spent interviewing customers and installers to gain constructive criticism and market intel about the product and the direction of the PV industry.

Using this data to provide the industry’s best metal roof PV mounting system, we now have introduced the next generation:  PV Kit 2.0. Features of this new system begin with simplicity in design, reducing the number of parts and therefore reducing the time of installation. The kit comes fully preassembled, as an out of the box, and ready to install.

Features and Benefits:

  • Preassembled components save time and money
  • Versatile:  same kit for most module thicknesses
  • Only one tool needed for installation
  • Installs with module, reducing lay-out time
  • All non-corrosive aluminum and stainless steel
  • Single-piece EdgeGrab installs with ease
  • Added slots for wire tie-off
  • Low profile hardware provides flush, clean finish
  • Available in black by special order
  • 1-inch (25mm) gap between modules, allowing load reduction per ASCE-7
  • UL 2703 Listed 
  • Improved disk design works with ALL S-5! clamps and brackets




PV Kit 2.0 Edge Grab


PV Kit 2.0 Mid Grab


The ease of installation:  

PV Kit 2.0 features a one-piece edge grab, and a mid grab which also functions as an edge grab if desired. The kit was designed with a low-profile, top down bolt that provides aesthetics to the system but is still fully adjustable for all commercial module frame thicknesses. The PV Kit 2.0 is compatible with any S-5! clamp or bracket.










Fig. 2 One tool and one step to drive two fasteners The same tool drives the clamp setscrew.

The installer drives the standoff and the bolt into the clamp all in the same step to seat the assembly (Fig. 2).  The grab holds itself up, in the open position, enabling easy placement of solar modules.











Fig. 3 Fully assembled PV Kit 2.0 MidGrab installed on S-5! standing seam clamp

Once a module is placed, the same tool continues to drive the top grab down to cinch modules securely in place.

The same drive tool also is used for clamp setscrews, allowing installers to use one tool to complete the job. No fumbling with changing tools while on the roof.

The PV kits can be preassembled to the clamp or brackets before beginning the job (Fig 3). When the first row PV Kits are installed, the modules can be placed into the grabs and seated against the PV module placement bevel guide (fig 4).


 Fig. 4 Module frame seated against solar module placement bevel guide on disk



Fig. 5 Module frame seated and grab tightened

The next row of clamp/PV kit assemblies can now be placed and edge-grabs tightened (Fig 5, 6). This process is repeated using the module as a spacer to place the next row of preassembled clamp/PV kit assemblies quickly and easily (Fig 7).


standingseamrooftopsolarmounting Standingseammetalroofsolarmounting 


Wrapping it all up:

PV Kit 2.0 is the next generation evolution in PV mounting to the best rooftop platform for mounting solar… metal! The roof outlasts the PV system and provides the best platform for mounting solar of all roof types. The kit is listed to UL 2703 with an ever-growing list of popular PV modules.

This is a product that makes the installers job a breeze, so less time on the roof. With new layout tools soon to be released from S-5! the array designers job will also become a snap.

S-5! is here to innovate, educate, and improve the PV mounting experience and industry in general. We are excited to help you get started mounting solar to metal with the S-5-PV Kit 2.0! Together we will help usher in a brighter and greener future for all.



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